500 Hours (Nearly)

500 Hours (Nearly)

I was talking to a friend at work the other day about games and we talked about Battlefield 2 for a bit and for how long we played the game for. I knew that I had played for aroud 500 hours, but I wanted to check out what my stats really were. Hello BF2s for the first time in years.

For those of you not in the know, BF2s was, and still is, the best site for checking out stats for people who played Battlefield 2, and it turns out that I put in a total of 497 hours into that game, bearing in mind that is only data from my -=256=- clan account and for ranked matches. Clan matches weren’t ranked due to the need to password the server. You can find all of my stats here. They aren’t that impressive compared to many other people, my K:D ratio is shockingly poor really. Some of the stats you can see though are quite revealing for the kind of player I was.

I spent by far the most time as a Medic and all but 33 hours of my game time were spent in some part of the squad structure which defined the game. 255 hours as a squad member, 166 as a squad leader and 41 hours spent hiding with the commander viewpoint dominating my screen. I was somewhat decent with the knife, getting over 200 kills with it and I somehow managed to get 8 kills with the shock paddles.

These stats show how involving as a game Battlefield 2 was, it is one game I will always look back on fondly.

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