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Returning to Hearts of Iron IV

I’ve dabbled in Hearts of Iron IV now and again since launch, a game which was great at the time, but lacking some of the polish I would have wanted to see to give it a Red Mist. The game has evolved nicely over the past two years thanks to the Paradox style of releasing paid expansions to coincide with extensive free updates. To get the most out of the game at this point, you tend to need to dive into the…

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Unrest – The Verdict

RPGs are often so deliberately expansive, boasting of twenty hour main quests and thirty more for the incidental side quests, spread across vast fantasy kingdoms, or across the length and breadth of the Milky Way. But do they need to be? This is the question asked by Unrest, a low-key RPG set in and around the slums of a decaying city state in a fictionalised ancient India across eight chapters chronicling the events around a revolt.

BioShock Infinite – The Verdict

When I started playing BioShock Infinite I was quietly impressed with the opening hours, things slowly started to draw me in, but I wasn’t blown away. A lot of questions about Columbia and why Booker was there were raised in the opening sequences and I was intrigued, but certainly not enjoying it as much as I thought. Then I met the crown jewel of the game, Elizabeth. Upon my first glimpse of Elizabeth I knew that things were going to get good, and when you finally meet her, things take off with quite a bang. If it wasn’t for Elizabeth, this would still be bloody good game, but her addition tips this into a genuine Game of the Year contender.

Pre-E3 Anticipation – Nintendo

The world’s largest consumer electronics show, E3, will be upon us in less than a week, and the biggest games publishers and developers will be eagerly showcasing their wares in an attempt to build up anticipation, excitement and a shed load of hype for the biggest releases set to appear over the next twelve months. I’ve already outlined my three most eagerly anticipated first-party offerings from Sony; today, it’s Nintendo’s turn. With a new console to show off and a…

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