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Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets Ready for Iberia

It’s strange to think that it was way back in 2012 that Euro Truck Sim 2 first released, even back then receiving a Headshot Verdict from me. Since then, developers SCS Software have been busy releasing American Truck Sim, numerous expansions for both titles and gradually re-working the original ETS2 map. The team are currently busy working on the Iberian expansion which will take players into Spain and Portugal, taking in major cities like Barcelona and Lisbon, along with holiday resorts like…

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FIA European Truck Racing Championship – The Verdict

We all know that truck driving games are some of the best things out there, while some prefer the American stylings, I still hold candle up to European Truck Simulator 2, which is now a scary seven year old! It is probably my fascination with ETS2 that led to YouTube pushing a video for FIA European Truck Racing Championship my way. In these summer months where AAA releases are few and far between, now is the time for smaller more…

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American Truck Sim Heading to New Mexico

Since I last talked about the latest American Truck Sim goings on in December, I have actually spent some time with the game, and have learnt to appreciate the elegance and simple joys that come with the Truck Sim games. The American adventures I’ve had so far have been a pleasure, the whole game seems more diverse, and the trucks the Yanks use are just beasts when compared to our puny European models. The good news is that the boys at SCS Software aren’t…

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The Latest Truck Simulator Goings-On

The team at SCS Software have been mighty busy in recent months, certainly not resting on their laurels after the release of American Truck Simulator earlier this year. They’ve been busy working on updates for ATS, but haven’t left European Truck Simulator 2 behind. Hit the jump to catch up on what the team at SCS have been getting up to.

The Simulation Game Catch Up – Trains, Farms and Trucks

I was going to name this round-up ‘The Sim Game Catch Up’, but I thought that might scare people into thinking I was bringing news of some unknown expansions to The Sims 4. Fear not, as although EA will probably announce some expansions for The Sims soon, this news round-up is focused on a different kind of simulation game. The Sims is great fun, that is for sure, but it doesn’t match the joys of driving a train, farming some fields or driving a truck around Europe. Read on fine soul for The Simulation Game Catch Up.

Non-E3 News – Euro Truck Sim 2 Going Nordic

In our continued attempts here at Reticule Towers to be perceived as a legitimate emporium of games journalism, we are again eschewing the notion that E3 is all anyone cares about when the big show is taking place. I mean, don’t people want to know a little bit about the latest European Truck Simulator 2 news? I for one, most certainly do. Hit the break for the low-down.

The Indie Gaming Roundup – Wasteland, Concursion and More

This week has been filled with emails concerning release dates for a number of indie titles. It is always good to see indie’s getting released, though with the ever increasing number of games hitting platforms such as Humble Bundle and Steam, it is a wonder any of them actually get played, even if they are purchased for bargain basement prices. It is worth reading what Jeff Vogel (Avadon and Geneforge) has to say about the ‘indie gaming bubble.’ Once you’ve checked that out, head back here for word on Wasteland, Euro Truck Simulator and more.