A Bad Day – No More Red Faction

A Bad Day – No More Red Faction

I woke up this morning to read some disappointing news as THQ have confirmed they are abandoning the Red Faction franchise after the recently released Armageddon sold poorly compared to THQ’s hopes. It is a bad news for me as I personally really dig the Red Faction series.

I loved the first game in the series when it was released back in 2001, and while I didn’t enjoy the second game or Guerilla as much as the original, I have refound my love of the series with Armageddon, which you can find for ¬£20 on sites like Amazon, that applies for the console and PC versions. You really can’t go wrong with the game at that price, it takes you back to a setting more like the original game largely based underground on Mars and packs a good amount of content beyond the campaign mode. You have a survival mode against swarms of alien critters and a destruction mode which lets you run wild in an arena destroying as much shit as possible.

While initial sales of the game may have been disappointing for THQ, I think Armageddon could be a slow burner and perform well over the next few months, especially at the ¬£20 price range. It is a shame that there likely won’t be any more games in the series, it may never have been a blockbuster title like Halo or Gears of Wars, but it slotted very comfortably into that position just below those kind of games, a position of being a thoroughly enjoyable game which doesn’t quite get the recognition it deserves.

Here is to the Red Faction.

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