A bit of Flat Motion – Mirror’s Edge 2D

A bit of Flat Motion – Mirror’s Edge 2D

Red and White. Tasty, like strawberries and cream.

Found this over on Offworld; Mirror’s Edge 2D, in 2D, done by BradFancypantsBorne in collaberation with EA, in 2D. What’s that? A minor (albeit excellent) indie dev getting help by the big boys? I wonder how on earth the game might play out. Maybe it’s a mess with EA’s fingerprints smudged all over the clear brilliance of a talented flash developer, or maybe it’s just a jolly good laugh? Well, I had a bit of a play, and things are pretty positive.

This is very much Mirror’s Edge in its ‘run bloody fast and jump off things’ element. There are no cops, no need to get from A to B particularly fast. All there is is a large playground of buildings not necessarily bound by the laws of physics, and a lot of little tokens for you to collect. What’s really important, though, is that it feel kinetic enough to enjoy. Good news is, it really does.

I think that’s largely down to the controls. They’re oh so simple, using just the arrow keys and ‘s’ for jump. You can run up walls, slide under low hanging air conditioning units, and climb your way along ledges and down pipes. There’s not really much direction given to you, and the tokens you need to collect give enough indicator to how you need to get up a steep incline or across a large gap. You’re in near constant motion, and it really seems to nail the feeling of its big, 3D brother (or sister, depending on whether games gain their gender from their protagonists. Hmm.. possible article?)

You can play the game here, and it’s predecessors (at least concerning Brad Borne) Fancypants 1 and 2, here and here.

Hang in there! (yuck)

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