A Dangeresque Roomisodic Adventure Game!

A Dangeresque Roomisodic Adventure Game!

I like adventure games quite a lot.  I’ve even bought some of the newer entries to the (apparently) dying genre, such as Broken Sword: Angel of Death and all the new Sam and Max games (ergh).  Amongst these sits the awesomeness that is Homestar Runner, and their rather brilliant adventure games released on a monthly schedule.

SBCG4AP (as the kids are calling it) is very, very good, but it’s missing something integral to a legendary adventure game, (S)VGA graphics.  Thankfully the Videlectrix boys have rectified this with “Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque”.

Play it.  Please.  If you’ve seen how excellent their Sierra pastiche was with Peasant’s Quest then you owe it to yourself to check out this new roomisode.  If you haven’t played PQ however, then you owe it to yourself to play both.

Go on, click the links and game like it’s 1990 all over again.  We’ll wait for you, don’t worry.

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