A New Indie Bundle Appears

A New Indie Bundle Appears

A new indie bundle has appeared on GamersGate going under the guise of the IndieFort Bundle. The bundle, which is available until October 1st operates slightly differently to others, in this deal there are three bundle packages to choose from.

The cheapest Bronze package lets you choose any three of the games available for ¬£2.49, the Silver package lets you pick six games for ¬£4.49 and the Gold package gives you the choice of nine games from the 24 that are available. Some of the games available include Air Buccaneers HD, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Adventure and Hacker Evolution: Duality. It is quite a collection to choose from, and certainly an innovative type of bundle. I am interested to see how this performs compared to other indie offerings such as the Humble Indie Bundle.

In addition, from the 21st September you will be able to vote for your favourite three games in the IndieFort bundle. The three favourites will be part of the Ultimate IndieFort Pack which will be available for just $3.

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