A New MMORTS Emerges

A New MMORTS Emerges

A new free to play MMORTS has been released into the big wide world, its name, World of Battles. I say free to play, but of course that is never really the case any more, gems are the secret behind this game, purchase gems and it sounds like you will get a huge advantage over non-paying gamers.

The debut trailer shows a nice enough looking game with plenty of choices for customisation of your units. There is a global campaign with the forces for Good and Evil fighting for supremacy while a Neutral grouping strive to maintain the balance. Usual fantasy staples are present, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and the spooky sounding Undead.

I’m downloading the client now, anyone else want to join me? Get it from here.

Trailer and press release follow:

Nine races fight a terrible combat in a medieval universe to control the world. Choose your side, recruit, train and equip units in order to create a powerful army able to face online opposing armies created by other players.

Take part in huge battles in order to establish yourself as a the supreme War Lord and progress in the online World of Battles’ rankings. Players will be free to connect for quick play or to participate in one of the many official competitions of World of Battles.

Before launching into your first battles, you’ll need to prepare your fighting troops. If you don’t, your army will surely take a beating. A very high level of customization for your army is available. Equip your units with better weapons and armors and watch their effects on the battlefield!
The management gameplay then switches to pure real time strategy.

Take command of your armies and show everyone who’s the greatest War Lord in the desolated lands of World of Battles. You can also join friends to confront other clans in titanic and epic wars in which tactics and team work will be essential to claim victory.

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