A Plague Tale- Innocence lost : Preview

A Plague Tale- Innocence lost : Preview


Oh I love a good bit of news. Don’t you? No wait! It’s not Brexit, it’s Games! No. Not a game about Brexit either; it’s something filled with squalor, disease, peril, the threat of starvation and a plague of killer rats. So if anything, it’s WAY nicer than Brexit…

The title in question is ‘A Plague Tail: Innocence’ which is a new episodic game by Asobo Studio’s that is due to come out on May 14th for PC, PS4 and XBox One.

It centres around two orphaned siblings, Amicia and Hugo, as they try to flee the Inquisition in 14th Century France. Oh that and a pack of supernatural Rats. The gameplay blends action, adventure and stealth phases, and if the video is anything to go by, some pretty hefty ethical dilemmas too.

Check out the video here.

Just how far will Amicia be willing to go to protect Hugo, and as one intriguing line in the video below asks, just how much of Hugo’s innocence will be left at the end of it? This seems like it could be a nice take on the typical ‘morality’ scale that we see in some games. It’s harder to justify, you know, murdering someone if there’s a child watching. And in the game.

The graphics and art style immediately pull you in and I like the level of detail that is on display here. It looks, at least from what limited footage that i’ve seen, that this is going to be a game that gets you right in the feels, with what looks like an intriguing plot and two very likeable and relatable characters. I’ll be interested to see how they navigate some of the more adult themes that the setting will throw up from the perspective of two young siblings as this could be a great filter in which to view the period and to add some real emotional weight to some well-worn themes and stories. That and the pack of supernatural rats.

Tell me you’re not as intrigued as I am…

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