A Red Dragon Playing Wargames!

A Red Dragon Playing Wargames!

Before you wonder, the Red Dragon of the title to this post has nothing to do with Wales, rather I am talking about Wargame Red Dragon which is the upcoming chapter in what has been a pretty massive RTS series. Red Dragon follows from European Escalation and AirLand Battle by moving the conflict into Asia with an expanded focus on naval warfare and a new dynamic campaign. Lo-and-behold, we even have the new video after the break.

This really looks like a game I would love, but I know that I would move on from it pretty quickly after finding something else new and shiny to play with. But it brings my mind back to the days when I was really keen on RTS titles with Command and Conquer and hybrid-FPS/RTS Battlezone having been long-standing favourites of mine. In more recent times I’ve been taken by StarCraft II and the sheer scale of action in this video is breathtaking. It reminds me somewhat of Battlefield with numerous forces combining in one big battle.

While I might never touch this series, I’m always going to wish I gave it a shot.

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