A Return to Dishonored With New DLC

A Return to Dishonored With New DLC

This afternoon, Bethesda dropped a rather stealthy looking screenshot on its official Twitter account. Fans of Dishonored will find the surroundings somewhat familiar, as in the background Dishonored‘s protagonist Corvo converses with Empress Kaldwin, moments before her rather unexpected and stabby demise.

We’ve been expecting more Dishonored DLC for a while now. Back in October, Bethesda revealed the thinking behind this second run of DLC.

“Daud, the leader of a group of supernatural assassins known as ‘The Whalers’, will be the focus of the second add-on pack. Make your way through new Dunwall locales and discover Daud’s own set of weapons, powers and gadgets in this story-driven campaign. How you play and the choices you make will impact the final outcome.”

Given that Daud’s ultimate fate was down to the player in Dishonored’s main campaign, I’m wondering whether we’ll be meeting Mass Effect style save-game referencing, or whether this DLC will give you a chance to go back and see things happen a little differently. Personally, I’m hoping this time for the Scooby Doo ending.


Still unconfirmed is Dishonored’s final DLC pack, another story-based expansion due later in the year. Who will we play as this time? Daud? Corvo, maybe even Granny Rags herself, sneaking through Dunwall’s sewers in the form of an entire rat-plague.

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