A Return To Space With Battlezone

A Return To Space With Battlezone

Years ago my parents bought what was at the time a new PC, it came with a few freebies, one of the best was Battlezone a game which mixed first-person combat elements with base control and resource management normally found in real-time strategy games.

Apart from the gameplay, which was extremely impressive, the aspect of the game which has stuck in my mind ever since was the voice acting. In the primary campaign in the game you take the role of a US commander known only as Grizzly 1. Before each mission your character gives a chilling update on the status of the war between the US space division, the NSDF and the Russians’ CCA. They are some of the best level intros I have ever had the joy to listen to, the great voice acting doesn’t stop there though. In each mission your commander issues you instructions in a tone of voice which fits in so perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the game.

The gameplay itself was, and still is, a tour de force. When you are inside one of the NSDF space tanks you speed around various planets in the Solar System using a variety of extraordinary weapons to fight off the Russkies, and later the Furies, the alien race which holds the secrets to the exploration of space.

While you are engaged in exploration and combat you also have to control your base, using keyboard shortcuts you can readily order the construction of new fighting tanks, defensive turrets and much more. This mix of first-person combat and base building and resource management shows off the diversity of Battlezone, one of the truly great games of the late 90s.

Here is a video to demonstrate some of the voice acting and in-game action.

One thought on “A Return To Space With Battlezone

  1. This one I did know about it -interesting one, Chris, thanks- but I experimented a similar feeling with Interstate 76 (Activision, 1998): freedom concept was cool for its moment in time.

    Old University days, long ago, and old PC. It was also when Worms 2 (+/- in time) was hitting hard -banana bombs

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