A Thief Launch Trailer Sneaks into View

A Thief Launch Trailer Sneaks into View

Something will be sneaking around gaming world next Friday, something dark and mysterious. It goes by the name Thief.

The reboot of the legendary series might not be out until next week, but there is already a launch trailer. I find it odd when launch trailers come out so far away from release, but that’s the way of the business. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

I’ll always remember playing The Cradle in Deadly Shadows, and while I might not have pushed myself past that one level, it is a game that has long stuck in my memory. Because of the somewhat snarky and negative press the reboot has received so far, I have largely stayed away from watching any new videos. I made the exception for the launch trailer and I’m not sure whether it was the right thing to do. It felt too much like Dishonored for my tastes, but regardless I will still try and seek the game out, even if only to see if it can match a moment like The Cradle.

While we are talking Thief, this video came out on Monday and presents and Eidos Montreal playthrough of the first level. Spoilers and all that.

One thought on “A Thief Launch Trailer Sneaks into View

  1. With the shock closure of Irrational Games, it seems that bit more important that this game is good – the future of the immersive sim depends a little bit more on Eidos Montreal now…

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