About The Reticule

About The Reticule

The Reticule

The Reticule is a PC gaming site produced by a group of avid gamers from the UK and Estonia. We are a PC gaming through and through, by taking this cunning sidestep around the console market we are able to grab the attention of a dedicated group of gamers. You know, victory through default and all that.

All of us on The Reticule enjoy playing PC games and more important, writing about them. We believe that apart from a tiny handful of sites PC gaming isn’t given the focus and recognition it deserves. We see many people claim that PC gaming is dying, to them we give a collective middle finger.

Here on The Reticule we want to avoid the easy task of just churning out the same news, there are thousands of other sites that can do that for us. Instead, we base our reputation on fine writing, intuitive thoughts and hell, maybe even some stuff that will cause riots. We do reviews, but we don’t call them that, for us they are our ‘Verdicts’ and you can find out more about our scoring system here.

The Writers

The Reticule is composed of a core team of writers along with a few other freelancers who also contribute their words of wisdom.

Chris Evans

email | Personal Site | Steam | Twitter

Chris Evans is the owner of The Reticule who also does a fair bit of writing on the site. Chris lives in Cardiff and has been a keen PC gamer for several years now. He instigated the formation of The Reticule after talking with several other chaps in the RPS Steam Group. Chris used to contribute to Gaming Daily and now focuses on The Reticule while also doing some freelance for Resolution on the odd occasion. He has also spent time on work experience at PC Zone and has appeared on the hallowed pages of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Steve Peacock

email | Personal Site | Steam | Twitter | Store

A future internet Jesus, Steve is the resident bohemian. He can often be found in his Edwardian drawing room, scratching words onto parchment using a quill and general strolling about in a foppish manner. While primarily an author of critically unclaimed fiction (accessible via the link above), he still has the time to unwind with a nice bit of electronic ultraviolence.

He is the go-to guy for adventure games around these parts, right back to the old Sierra text parser stuff, and anything that could be considered arty and heavily story driven.

He’s also got a book out.

Ben Borthwick

email | Personal Site | Steam | Twitter

Ben Borthwick has been writing about games for almost as long as the groans from his puns can be heard, and has been inflicting them on readers of The Reticule for several months now. Ben’s work has also featured on several websites including Gaming Daily and Citizen Game. His writing has even made it to print within the pages of PC Gamer UK magazine. Like some sort of sucker for punishment Ben is always eager for more, ready to fire as many quality wordthings into the games journosphere as he possibly can.

Mattias Tammet

email | Personal Site

The least visible member of the lot, Mattias Tammet chooses to lurk in the shadows – and strike when least expected. Due to this excellent quality, nobody wanted anything to do with him until The Reticule was born. The youngest of the group, but should still technically be the boss since he’s a second-year student of journalism at Tartu University in Estonia. Has pictures of himself playing Civilization at three years of age. Is still shit at it.


Our freelancers past and present consist of Greg Wild, Laurence Elliott, Jen Allen, Tom Senior, Phill Cameron, Dan Lipscombe and Michael Johnson.

Contact Us

There are several ways in which you can get in touch with us, if you want to speak to us personally you can find our individual email addresses further up the page. For more general enquiries this is the place to be.

If you want to get in touch with us so we can cover your game, you have feedback on the site, or if you just want to say hi then use this email link.

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