Ben Borthwick Bio

Ben Borthwick Bio


Once described by Richard Cobbett as ‘someone I’ve met’ Ben Borthwick -also known as ‘The_B’ – has been writing about games for almost as long as he’s been a thorn in the side of more established games journalists. Now attempting to forge a career of his own, Ben is currently trying to annoy the rest of the world by inflicting his work on as many people as possible.

Starting out writing reviews for various online communities, Ben eventually formed his own website in 2004 called The Mad Gamer. Sadly now defunct, the website encouraged users to submit their own reviews alongside those written by Ben and his team, along with news, features and interviews all focusing on the PC platform. He still maintains to this day that both The Reticule and Rock, Paper, Shotgun stole his idea, but does not hold a grudge especially when he knows the best way to bring them down is from within.

Since then Ben started his own popular blog entitled DoubleYouTeeEff with his thoughts, diaries and pieces on many different aspects of gaming and his work has also been featured on various other websites. In addition to this his ramblings have even made it into print, including a week long stint spent working on PC Gamer magazine in 2008.

You can find his Twitter right here, and if you would like to get in touch with him he can be contacted at benborthwick(at)

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