Greg’s Bio

Greg’s Bio

When Greg Wild isn’t sat around thinking about articles he probably won’t write, he’s not writing articles. He’s also known for writing an article or two now and then, but don’t let too many people know. It’s not very good. He writes about games. Big games. Little games. Any games. Just so long as they’re on the Personal Computer. If they’re not, he just doesn’t care. Just don’t tell him it’s because he doesn’t own another system. He won’t like it.

His favourite games are clever ones. Anything with a real story to tell, and some scope for philosophical meandering is likely to earn a few marks or ten. This isn’t to say he doesn’t like the opportunity for Man Bring Fire, and indeed, many of his favourite games also feature this to a greater extent than the clever thinks. He’s had a few blogs before finding a home here, but frankly, they were all rubbish. The Reticule corrects this.

He’s also the (infuriatingly) proud recipient of some sort of “Degree” in “Really Really Old (Ancient) History”. This means he knows more about Greeks and Romans than the average punter, but is essentially otherwise superfluous nonsense. Though currently unemployed, the dashing rogue is aiming for a position in shadowy organisation known as the “UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office”. Why? God knows. Perhaps he likes to think he knows a bit about those there international relations. God help us all if he gets in.

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