Steve’s Bio

Steve’s Bio

What can I say about Steve? What will Steve let me say about Steve? Steve encourages this sort of self-reflection because he has no reflection of his own. He’s a supernatural being. He’ll coax your sister into his rapturous embrace and drink her vital sanguinaries. That’s right, he’s a fraggle loosed from fraggle rock.

Instead of building bridges he builds toppling, unstable, hazardous sentences. If you find him working at the keyboard he is best not disturbed, lest ye suffer his gaze.

He writes lots of stuff, not only about PC games but also other nonsense. He’s certainly the most prolific of our cabal, and probably the guy with the most free time; so please, if you have any queries – no matter how mundane or irrelevant – email them to Steve.

Steve’s in possession of a deep, warm, ever-growing mind and a mostly vacant beard. We’re proud to count this stalwart soul amongst our number.

– DuBBle

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