Phill Cameron’s Bio

Phill Cameron’s Bio

Don't cow in fear at the display of talent.

The face of not much, and the writer of a lot of waffle, Phill sometimes whips out his drawing tablet and has a go at drawing people he’s seen in the past, usually only vaguely remembering their face from the many times he’s seen them in the mirror.

Bringing a lot to the table, but not much of considerable worth, Phill occasionally goes by the Moniker of ‘The Poisoned Sponge’, mainly due to a drunk night when he wanted to fit in with all the cool kids during a session of Team Fortress 2. Apparently he thought it was something that fit into the 50s spy chic of the game. He thought wrong, evidently.

When not writing nonsense and brain splurges on virtual pages he spends his time learning about blokes who wrote nonsense and brain splurges on real pages. He one day hopes to reach their ranks, but he knows that his handwriting is far too terrible for anyone to make any sense of it. This makes him a very bitter person, and it’s the primary reason there aren’t many jokes in his writing. That, and the fact that he’s crap at making jokes.

He regularly mixes up ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, mainly due to a misguided belief that words work a certain way, and words that don’t obey the strict rules he laid down for them don’t exist. So he just uses the apostrophe for both, and he asks that you humour him, as he can’t be arsed to go back through everything he’s written and sort it out.

Apart from that he writes about non-PC gaming things at his blog, here, which mainly comprises of him moaning about hairdressers, and how he never has any milk. It’s interesting, honest.

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