Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Reveal Looks….Really Good Actually

Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Reveal Looks….Really Good Actually

I’m not going to jump into a lengthy analysis of what this trailer for the multiplayer action in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare shows us, but I will say that when you hit the jump and watch the video, you will jump out of your skin with shock that it actually looks good. Jumping eh? Who would have thought…

In a trend that was kicked off by Titanfall, the multiplayer combat in Advanced Warfare looks to be filled with a level of player movement that hasn’t been seen in the franchise before. For a series which I honestly think has become very long in the tooth, the new version that is coming later this year looks like it might give the series a much needed injection of new life.

Though of course, that injection of new life is going to come hand in hand with comparisons to the jumpy, floaty dynamics of Titanfall, but if I am honest, the first thing I thought of when watching this video was classic Quake III action. A big-ass shotgun that deals meaty damage with physics that wouldn’t look out of place on an alien world matched with some futuristic environments that recalled the best bits of Unreal Tournament 2004. You know, the Unreal game before everything kind of went dark with Unreal Tournament III.

So, check out the trailer and let us know…do you like the look of the new Call of Duty?

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