Adventure in Aellion Beta, Release Date(!)

Adventure in Aellion Beta, Release Date(!)

You might remember that back in January, when life was normal, I previewed¬†Adventure in Aellion based on my hands-on time with it at EGX last year and a chat with Luke O’Donoghue, director of developers The Game Product Company. I described it back then as “a Zelda-like with drop-in drop-out multiplayer”, and if you want to check it out yourself a beta is now available, with all the details and a new trailer below the cut.

Although brief, the new trailer does show off some small parts of the dungeon that I played at EGX, and also features some fearsome looking foes and highlights the co-op features and horse riding that will make the game a must-buy for many of you.

You can download the singleplayer beta right now from the official Discord channel, a co-op update is planned for the near future. The Game Product Company have also revealed that Adventure in Aellion will be launching into Steam Early Access on the 22nd July, surely that’s something to look forward to as summer draws near.

As everyone loves a good old press release quote….here you go, straight from Luke O’Donoghue himself:

After our trip to EGX London in 2019, we started work on a brand new build for our growing community based on the great feedback we received at the event.

We’re now about to deliver a Beta featuring the combat, exploration, UI and dungeon improvements we’ve made based on community feedback and suggestions, we hope after this wider launch we can make even more improvements made based on feedback, and make Aellion the best adventure it can be.

Keen? I am.

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