Before you lose the will to live, I know it’s another bundle, but this one’s different, I promise.

Unlike previous bundles, there’s no chance you’ll be taking a look at this collection and realising you already own most of the titles on offer. Developed by a multitude of collaborators, The AGS Bake Sale consists of over a dozen adventure games made specifically for the collection, ranging from the bizarre to the truly ridiculous. These are brand new adventure games, and you can get them for next to nothing.

Not technically an adventure game, but how cute can you get?

By now, you all know the drill. Pay whatever you want (within reason, you cheap-skates), and the bundle is yours. Unlike previous bundles, there’s no deciding where your money is going. All proceeds from the bundle will be going directly to Child’s Play. The developers get nothing. No commission. No nothing.

If you have even a passing interest in independent adventure games, you’re bound to find something to hold your interest in this collection. If not, then nonetheless you’re donating to a good cause.

To find out more about the work Child’s Play do, follow the link here.

It'll make sense later. Honestly.

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