Alpha Project Mod for Battlefield 2 Out Now

Alpha Project Mod for Battlefield 2 Out Now

Who needs Battlefield 3 eh? We still have the classic Battlefield 2, and hell, people are still releasing mods for it. That’s right, there is a new mod in town, called the Alpha Project Mod it aims to bring back some of the early features from Battlefield 2 such as 3D-iron sights, civilian vehicles that you can drive and the map Divided City that was in the Alpha for the original game.

It is important to note that this isn’t a realism mod like Project Reality, rather the team who have made this mod say “Alpha Project is a battlefield 2 modification which goals are to recreate all features that were left out of the retail game, beside that the mod is about innovation and new ideas that add to the sandbox experience.”

There aren’t many servers online, but it is definitely worth a bit of a blast against the AI-bots. You will certainly notice that some of the graphics have been heavily improved on some of the models. It is well worth a play, even if only to get a glimpse of how Battlefield 2 might have turned out like. You can download it from the ModDB page.

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