Another franchise returns to its roots: Worms 2D back to the PC

Another franchise returns to its roots: Worms 2D back to the PC


After discovering that Worms doesn’t quite work in 3D – or at least that nobody really cared about it – Team 17 sat down and thought about perhaps making another 2D version of it. 49142 years passed, many developers grew beards. And then they made Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust instead. Balls.

And then it was August 26 2010 and Worms: Reloaded was released. Sweet balls!

And yes, it’s from Team 17. It’s an interesting company – they’ve been at it for longer than most of our writers have been alive, and survived the rise and fall of Duke Nukem Forever without a major game release. Except for Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office bust. Oh, right.

Shit. They made that. Should we be worried?

I vote for “what does poor Larry have to do with this?” They’ve been able to make great Worms games before and I see no reason why they should have lost that ability. The thing is – this is not the first Worms game in nine years. They’ve made their money on the consoles, including the iPhone and iPad. Making Worms games.

So aight, this is clearly going to be a prettificated version of a 15-year old concept, with very minor updates. The good thing is that the developers are entirely aware of that and it’ll only cost €15. With 10% off and some extremely lame (fucking hats. I thought we’d left those behind.) perks if you pre-purchase it.

And perhaps Box Office Bust was an attempt to get a PS3 Metascore to equal the name of the studio. I guess successes come in different colours.

3 thoughts on “Another franchise returns to its roots: Worms 2D back to the PC

  1. Hooray for Worms :D So glad to see the series returning to its 2D and PC roots, I can’t wait to be honest :D

    I have to admit though that I never played the original Worms on the PC, I had them on the PSX, so many fond memories playing with my neighbour.


  2. I remeber to play 2 & Armagedon on PC -I guess it was Commandos, Duke Nukem 3D and Heroes of M&M II times, +/-.

    Unfortunately, in Spain PC classic videogames reedtion sucks a lot. Fortunately, U.K. offers what I can not purchase here even if I want.

    There is a vicious pack called Worms 2 & Armagedon which I bought through Amazon 3 years ago and is one of my funniest purchases. After Alien Breed, second great Team 17 videogame for mayhem and madness in this year! how can you resist it as gamer? ;)

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