Ants! In My Kitchen!

Ants! In My Kitchen!

Has anyone ever had ants in their kitchen? I’m not talking the odd one or two who come waltzing on in looking for something to steal, I’m talking about the massive hordes of them who move like an army through your kitchen. I have had that, and now I have experienced something worse, something much worse.

I have seen ants playing a twisted game of curling in my kitchen, imagine that, ants playing curling. I know you may not believe it happened, but there is a game which demonstrates exactly, exactly what happened when I saw these curling ants. The game is known as Kitchen Krashers and is a free indie game made by students from Full Sail University in the US.

Kitchen Krashers sees up to four players take hotseat control of an ant in an attempt to score big points by crashing into walls, collecting sugar cubes and landing on the mystical curling scoring zone. It is really quite polished for a game which, according to someone who worked on it only had 10 weeks of real production work. The two video below are part of a presentation on the game at the university and they include some in-game footage.

Get it from IndieDB.

2 thoughts on “Ants! In My Kitchen!

  1. Hello,
    I was one of the programmers at Atmosphere Games.

    My mom just sent me the link to your article and I’d like to thank you for helping spread the word about our silly little game. It was a blast to make Kitchen Krashers and we’re all really proud of what we were able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

    We’ve entered KK into the Independent Games Festival this year so if you could all cross your fingers for us that’d be great.

    Thanks again,

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