Are You Dog Enough?

Are You Dog Enough?

Being a dog seems like it would be pretty fun. Plenty of exercise and treats, no bills to worry about, not to mention hanging out of the car window with your tongue hanging out. Of course, for some dogs there’s the whole ‘stopping criminals’ and ‘saving children from burning buildings’ to worry about, but on the whole, life as a dog seems pretty neat.

Michael Cook’s DogForce: Seasons gave me that opportunity. Choose a dog and become the dog. Forget politics, forget relationships and forget about your job for a minute and just hit the ground running.

It’s not hard to be a dog – just do doggy things and watch the score rack up. If you get stuck, just ask yourself, what would Lassie do? (Although in fairness, she’d probably not urinate on someone sat reading a newspaper.) With only 45 seconds (about 5 dog minutes) on the clock, you haven’t got any time to waste – it’s up to you to be the best damned dog you can possibly be in the short time available to you. Chase the birds, catch the ball or just run as fast as your little doggy legs will carry you.

With a selection of seasons available and costumes, I repeat, DOG COSTUMES on offer, this has to be the finest short-duration halloween-themed dog-simulator I’ve ever played. To be honest, I stopped even caring about chasing score-multipliers after a few minutes, just happily bounding up and down the park, barking at the world.


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