Are you proud to be a gamer?

Are you proud to be a gamer?

I realised today that I am proud to call myself a gamer, and I will happily talk to many people about the industry that I love so much. I am proud to be a gamer because I think that the gaming industry is a key part of how entertainment evolves over the next few years. It is becoming an art form in many ways, the industry has growing links with helping the disabled and games like Starcraft 2 and League of Legends are becoming fully fledged sports. The question I want to ask is…are you proud to call yourself a gamer, and if not, why not?

3 thoughts on “Are you proud to be a gamer?

  1. Eh, to a degree. Gaming for all it’s merits is seen by many people as a silly waste of time still.

    Although I’m aware that they’re wrong (to a degree, some games kind of are) and that perhaps I should challenge those preconceptions, I don’t necessarily want to become ostracized in cetrain social situations where wearing my ‘I’m a Gamer!’ colours on my sleeve would do so.

    Furthermore, for non-gamers it’s a really dull subject for them, in much the same way someone talking about Rugby bores me to tears. So I won’t subject people with no interest on gaming to my thoughts on the matter.

  2. Gaming for me is just a hobby like any other; but am I proud to be part of the various gamer communities? Sure! For every petulant little kid whining that you shot him in TF2, there’s a whole bunch of people contributing to good causes like Child’s Play.

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