ARMA 2 gets Project Reality Beta

ARMA 2 gets Project Reality Beta

It is quite impressive to see a relatively realistic game like ARMA 2 find itself on the receiving end of work from the Project Reality mod team. These are the guys who have been working on the very impressive Battlefield 2 mod, and they have very recently released the first beta for their Project Reality mod for ARMA 2.

You can find all the details about how to download the beta here, but please bear in mind that you need ARMA 2: Combined Operations installed and patch v1.59 for Operation Arrowhead installed in order to play the beta. The list of features is really quite impressive, there are new game modes, user interface and a whole new medic system alongside the numerous other changes.

Anyone playing this yet?

One thought on “ARMA 2 gets Project Reality Beta

  1. I’m going to need to see how this compares to some of the more seasoned Arma 2 mods, like ACE. But in any case, the more Arma love we get from modders, the better.

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