ArmA 3 Alpha Released

ArmA 3 Alpha Released

This week Bohemia finally acquiesced to my demands and began the Alpha test for ArmA 3. For the measly price of £20, you can now buy access to an early release build of ArmA 3 from either Steam or the Bohemia store.

The alpha is an incomplete version of the game, featuring a small selection of the weapons, units and vehicles you’ll be able to get to grips with in ArmA 3. It’s also limited to the smaller of ArmA 3’s maps, Stratis, but this is only ‘small’ in ArmA terms, which still leaves you with 20km² of Greek (sorry, NOT GREEK) terrain to wander, drive and most definitely not take photographs of.

If you’re wondering why you should fork out money for what is effectively a demo, you’ll be pleased to hear you’ll also be receiving a digital copy of the completed game upon release. Whilst the content on offer is limited, most importantly the alpha gives access to the scenario editor, an immensely powerful tool that allows you to script, design and even share hand-crafted missions with your friends.

I’ll be back with some further opinions on ArmA 3’s Alpha once I’ve had a bit of a chance to play with it, but for now I’ll leave you with this teaser video that shows some of the gorgeous sights on offer.

One thought on “ArmA 3 Alpha Released

  1. I’ve tried the first two Arma titles and haven’t got along with them at all, mainly due to really poor performance on my PC’s at the time. I’ll add this to my list of things to pay attention to later this year.

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