Art of Rally gets new trailer

Art of Rally gets new trailer

I love a rally game, and last year at EGX, I was especially impressed with art of rally, a very stylish top-down racer from the creator of Absolute Drift. A few days ago on the official Discord creator Dune Casu dropped a new trailer and promised more announcements coming soon.

I’m seriously looking forward to art of rally, a couple of months ago I gave the Steam demo a blast around the Finland stage in a number of weather conditions, and Dune has managed to replicate the pace and sheer ferocity of stages that makes Finland such a formidable challenge on the World Rally Championship. If I hadn’t edited my collection of clips, you would have seen me off the track more often than not, but I did have great fun exploring the limits of the cars, and the stage.

The full release will see stages set in Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany along with a full career mode taking you through the various eras of rally, including the wild and dangerous Group B machines. Knowing that Dune is getting the game closer to release is some of the best gaming news I saw this past week, and leaves me eager for more concrete details of a release date.

While we wait for more information, please do check out the demo on Steam, so few games these days offer up demos anymore, it would be foolish to pass up this chance of checking art of rally out properly.

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