Assetto Corsa Hot Lap Challenge – Nurburgring

Assetto Corsa Hot Lap Challenge – Nurburgring

I entirely failed to find a good screenshot of my last Assetto Corsa Hot Lap Challenge, so I decided to grab the above nice pic from the developers. It is a pretty game for sure, and while it might not quite have the stunning visuals that Project CARS has, I much prefer the racing in Corsa.

I’ve found that at times the vehicles in CARS can behave too unpredictably, with the AI being especially fallible. It might be a case that I have struggled to find a realism setting which works for me and my 360 pad, but I know that I can boot up Assetto Corsa, select any car with my usual settings and have some fun. They aren’t easy to drive with the settings I have, but I can figure out how they will behave. I have continued the Hot Lap Challenge with Craig Lager, Mike Jennings and Steve Fulton.

This week, we took the Nurburgring Sprint track, it takes you on a quick blast around a shortened version of the main Nurburgring GP circuit. I say quick, but it still took me 1:57:788. The first lap in the video was my first excursion in the new Mercedes SLS which was recently added to the game. It is a bit of a beast of a car, as you can tell by how I flew off the track in the opening seconds. My second lap was where I set my time, I’m fairly happy with that.

Anyone else playing around with Assetto Corsa or Project CARS?

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  1. I’ll hopefully be getting a new PC after the wedding and would be well up for joining in the lap challenge if you’re still going with it then. I recognise the layout of the track from my days with GRID but have to say I dislike the cockpit view for anything other than realism, especially if I’m pushing for a fastest lap time. Are the driver settings pretty in depth?

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