Awww, lookit. Global Game Jam Live Feeds

Awww, lookit. Global Game Jam Live Feeds

The many, poorly photoshopped figures of the faceless gaming masses.

Ever wanted to see someone make a game over a tight period of time? Ever wanted to watch many people do the same thing over the same period of time in 53 locations in 23 countries? No? Really? Well, you should’ve. And now you can! And if the people sitting around computers bore you, there’s always the adorable, ridiculously cute kittens. No, really.

For those of you that don’t know, Global Game Jam is a worldwide event were loads of people head to their nearest location and make games. They’re usually very simple, but there are usually a few glowing gems around, even if they are usually made by Kyle Gabler. Some people get all the talent. At least he’s helping everyone out this year with some handy tips. Kitten cam below, and you can check out the other’s here, at the Global Game Jam website.


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