Battlefield 3 Gets ‘PWNED’ – New Video

Battlefield 3 Gets ‘PWNED’ – New Video

EA’s ‘PWNED’ video series has taken a special 18-minute look at Battlefield 3 with some of the best bits coming from the look at the Back To Karkand expansion.The PWNED hosts visit DICE and talk to a bunch of the developers about weapons, technical aspects and the Back To Karkand expansion.

There isn’t much new in-game content, the majority of game video is taken from the latest trailer, but some scenes are slightly expanded. There is some good news for those who want to know more about multiplayer as it is confirmed that the Back To Karkand expansion will feature new game modes with Rush being mentioned as featuring in the new, re-imagined Strike at Karkand map.

Battlefield 3 is going to face some stiff competition this winter with the release of Modern Warfare 3 likely to come at a similar time, but time will tell which game wins out in the fans minds. I think that Modern Warfare will take the lead on the consoles, but Battlefield may have the edge on the PC where there is a definite feeling that the series is coming home at last.

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