Battlefield and Skyrim Go Live Action Crazy

Battlefield and Skyrim Go Live Action Crazy

Live Action trailers are certainly a strange thing to see for a game, and if I am frank I don’t quite understand why they are done. For one, the above Skyrim trailer looks more like a trailer for Game of Thrones than a game, then is promptly ruined by the giganto-fake dragon at the end. Below the jump is the Battlefield 3 trailer.

Which is a bit better mixing up real world shots with game shots, and here the fake stuff doesn’t shine through quite as glaringly as the dragon in the Skyrim trailer.

While these are two high budget glossy affairs, I still think that Red Alert 2 had some of the best live action cut scenes. Just check out this intro to the game.

One thought on “Battlefield and Skyrim Go Live Action Crazy

  1. I feel the opposite. With Skyrim the dragon (while obviously being fake as dragons don’t exist) is done in such high detail that it fits well into the world and the atmosphere that the trailer has shown us not looking out of place but the switches between fully digital and fully real world of the BF3 trailer are glaringly obvious and a bit too choppy for me. Either way I agree with you that live action trailers are a bit of an odd way to advertise a video game.

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