“Battles Of Kyrat” Is Far Cry 4’s PVP Mode

“Battles Of Kyrat” Is Far Cry 4’s PVP Mode

Far Cry 4’s newly announced “Battles of Kyrat” PVP mode will consist of 5v5 round-based matches with 2 different factions over 10 different maps and 3 different modes; Outpost, Demon Mask and Propaganda.

Outpost is your classic King of the Hill game type, with each faction trying to establish control of a position on the map.

Propaganda is your Rush game type where one faction has a limited time to destroy three of the opposing factions bases.

Finally Demon Mask plays just like capture the flag as both factions search for the mask with the aim of returning it to their bases.

There are a multitude of weapons, vehicles for cross map travel… oh, and there are elephants, and you can ride them… enough said really!

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