BBC Cancel Sequel To Doctor Who: Eternity Clock

BBC Cancel Sequel To Doctor Who: Eternity Clock

Digital Spy revealed yesterday that the Doctor Who: Eternity Clock series has been placed on indefinite hold by the BBC.

The Eternity Clock wasn’t exactly heaped with praise by critics, but nevertheless I enjoyed it for being a brief, action-packed jaunt through time and space. Despite giving it an off-target in my review, it still had some shining moments of decent quality gameplay and I’m sad that there won’t be a continuation of the series in the near future.

I’m also now bloody furious that the game ended on a cliff-hanger.

Despite it being announced on the first of April, Robert Nashak (Executive Vice President of Digital Entertainment and Games at the BBC) was not joking when he explained the decision.

“We’re keeping it as an option moving forward, but we want to see where with Doctor Who we can reach the fans best.”

I can tell you that right now, Mr Nashak. We want a decent, in depth, point and click adventure game. We want interesting characters, head-scratching puzzles and riveting story-lines. We don’t want repetitive mini-games, simplified interfaces and mind-numbingly patronizing dialogue such as those in the Doctor Who Adventure Game series.

We basically want a Lucasarts adventure from the Indy days. Now go back in time, get those responsible for making Fate Of Atlantis and make it happen.

You’ll need a time machine, but don’t worry, I know just the man.



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