BdoubleO talks about life and all things Minecraft

BdoubleO talks about life and all things Minecraft

The 11th of November 2011 is a big day for the gaming community. No I’m not talking about Skyrim but instead a game which in my eyes is just as big. At the time of writing it has already sold over 3.5 million digital copies before even leaving Beta and over 14.5 million people have signed up to the official website and these numbers are increasing all the time. Of course I’m talking about Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, developed by Mojang, that allows you to do just about anything your imagination can dream of. Many players have taken the game in different directions building weird and wonderful structures and buildings or, like Vechz, designing custom maps for other players to download and use. Probably the most popular incarnation is the making of Lets Play style videos for YouTube and other social networks, the most popular of these having even been praised by Minecraft creator Notch himself.

There are many Lets Plays out there to choose between but which one should you watch? Luckily I have been able to speak to BdoubleO aka John, who has his own Minecraft Lets play series Building with BdoubleO, about his experiences in Minecraft and life in general.

Kevin – Who is the real BdoubleO?

John – I am twenty nine years old, first name is John…last name…not gunna give that one away. I am a general contractor in Michigan. I have one brother and one sister who are both trying to work their way on to the YouTube scene. I love Basketball so whenever I get free time I play a little ball with friends. Have been Married for 2 months now, going on 50 years.

Kevin – For all the fans that don’t know, where does the name BdoubleO come from?

John – This is a question i get all the time and one that i anticipated. Right now i am not planning on giving that one away but maybe one day. maybe at the 100,000 sub mark.

Kevin – Have you always been into video games or has it been a recent enjoyment?

John – I have always been a gamer but just recently got into PC games. I grew up playing console games but the big ones for me were the NBA 2k series and of course Call of Duty. When I discovered Minecraft I got hooked into this computer gaming world and I’m looking into trying new games.

Kevin – Your Youtube page is growing by the minute and is mostly known for your Minecraft building series and the Vechz maps. What if anything do you plan to do with your channel in the future?

John – That is a good question…ideas run through my head constantly. As you may know I make most of the music for my videos and had a little history in the music biz. So the Minecraft music video has always been a plan for the future, but it is done so often that I fear it would fall into the copycat category. Guude and I both have some major plans for the future that involves more of the community but that will remain secret for now. I also have plans for the new creative mode. I have always wanted to dedicate some big things to donators and I am working on something for them in creative mode right now.

Kevin – If you could add absolutely anything into the Minecraft world what would it be?

John – Let me get my damn glass back!!! Haha that’s always been a constant annoyance but of course just part of the game. My brother brought up an idea today where he wanted to be able to ride the newly implemented dragons. This in my opinion is a must! let me ride that damn dragon or I stop playing forever!

Kevin – Recently you have been tackling Vechz Legendary maps and Race For The Wool maps with Guude and others. What do you think it is that seems to draw so many players to these kinds of custom maps?

John – I think these race maps add the “goal” that Minecraft has been lacking. Minecraft is a great game but there is no end goal or feeling of victory that most games provide. The Vechz maps give you that, and I think that is what most lets players are looking for.

Kevin – What got you into Minecraft and made you decide you wanted to start a YouTube page?

John – Originally I started watching Coesquest videos. I followed that series for some time and then stumbled onto GuudeBoulderfists channel. After seeing him play and how much fun he was having making videos I got the itch and the dream that I might be able to make some videos with him some day.

Kevin – Do you have any tips for aspiring lets players on Youtube?

John – After uploading 17 videos and only having 5 subs and no growth I looked into promoting some of my videos. Basically I paid YouTube to put my video on the first page of some search results. This may sound cheap but I knew I had good content to share and that was my way of getting it out there. Another thing that was a kind of a joke but in all actuality helped me get where I am today, I donated to Guude (my favourite LP’er) and through that donation he started liking my videos. The rest is history from there. That brought me from 250 subs to currently just over 8000.

Kevin – Whats the funniest moment you’ve had whilst gaming?

John – The funniest moments have to be while playing with Guude and my brother. The funniest to date has to be in about episode 11 of my Minecraft Legendary series with Guude where I shoot him off of a walkway and he screams at the top of his lungs the whole way down. To date I haven’t laughed harder.

Kevin – From time to time you like to talk about real life and your experiences during videos which is something not many lets players like to tell to everyone watching. Do you see this as an important part of your videos?

John – I like to use my channel as an outlet to help people through some experiences I have had. I do find it very important to continue that because I have had several messages from people telling me it helps them a lot. One person said I helped their girlfriend quit smoking weed, another said I actually saved him from committing suicide. Moments like these are very humbling for me but even more encouraging to keep giving the little wisdom I have in my videos.

Kevin – Are you looking forward to Minecon and whats the first thing your going to do when you get to Las Vegas?

John – I am really looking forward to Minecon. The first thing I’m going to do is call my wife and let her know that all the prostitutes are ugly and that I will be faithful to her and then have a blast with Guude. Him and I have never met in person so we are both looking forward to it.

Kevin – For any Minecraft lovers who hasn’t seen any of your videos before, why should they come and watch you?

John – They should come watch me because I am the future king of all things Minecraft. when you hear the word Minecraft you will think BdoubleO. When you sit down and get bored with television, you will wish you were watching BdoubleO. When you go to sleep at night, you will wish that laying next to you was BdoubleO…..That is all.

You can see BdoubleO and Guude’s full Legendary playlist here and the Building with BdoubleO series, which is regularly updated, from his YouTube channel here.

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