Behold The Kickmen on July 17th

Behold The Kickmen on July 17th

Big news for all of those of you who want to behold kickmen as Behold the Kickmen, coming from Size Five Games’ Dan Marshall, will be released on July 17th. That’s not far away for all of your beholding to start taking place. In typical Trump Dan Marshall fashion, he confirmed the release date on Twitter. Fitting, as Kickmen was “born of out Twitter nonsense”.

As you can see from the following tweets, Dan put the pricing of the game out to a public vote (¬£5 was the winner), though the true release price hasn’t been confirmed. To be honest, I’m hoping it costs more, just so we can persuade Dan to do something insanely silly like this again…with cars!

If asking for the potential price of the game via Twitter wasn’t enough, Dan then went and asked the baying masses to decide on his release date, which he has confirmed, thanks to public demand, as the 17th of July.

He then went as far as to ask for any last minute Really Good Ideas to include in the game. Unfortunately, I don’t think friend of The Reticule, Craig Lager’s idea is going to happen. Maybe for the next game eh?

You may now resume your normal business of waiting to Behold the Kickmen.

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