Behold The Kickmen(!)

Behold The Kickmen(!)

I love football, I think it is one of the finest sports in all the land. I’m not that good at it mind, neither playing the game with a ball, or playing with a gamepad. The prospect of a football game that I can play, and looks fun to watch? That’s something which has me interested. Behold,¬†Behold The Kickmen, the upcoming football game from indie stalwart, Dan Marshall.

Judging by Dan’s twitter, you would be well within your rights to think that he doesn’t know anything about football.

Is that enough of the embedded tweets which contain embedded gifs? (God I love the internet! – Ed) In much the same way as people criticize every little thing without having any sense of humour, Dan is getting some flak for re-imagining the rules of football in a more joyous fashion:

The criticism is a bit unfair really. Surely every sport out there can be re-imagined in a more exciting fashion? Cricket did it with Twenty20, and Olympic style wrestling did it with WWE (well, sort of). I fully applaud Dan’s efforts at bringing us an all new football game. I think it will be quit fun. And hopefully I’ll actually be good at a type of football….

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