Big Robot announce The Signal from Tölva

Big Robot announce The Signal from Tölva

“A bloody great slab of sci-fi escapism” is how Big Robot (those fine folks behind Sir, You are Being Hunted) chose to end the blog post announcing their new project, The Signal from TölvaInterested? Hit the jump to check out the trailer and find out who has been helping Big Robot with their new adventure.

Big Robot’s Jim Rossignol provides the raison d’être for Tölva as:

“Tölva is our ode to classic pulp science fiction, with all its weirdness and drama. We’ve long wanted to explore a world of starships floating over hazy valleys, and robots battling amid pulsing ruins. This is that game.”

It’s an open world shooter with a hand crafted map (it’s four time bigger than Sir’s procedurally generated world) set in a sci-fi universe of Big Robot’s making which involves territorial control, exploration  and robot combat on the planet Tölva. Taking a modern approach to sci-fi, your being (whatever, or whoever that is) isn’t physically present on the planet, you instead take control of  a Surveyor…and take over others when your unit is destroyed. An interplanetary remote control network, that does sound interesting. While the sci-fi elements are front and centre, the game won’t swamp you with the heavy details which could detract from the exploration and combat. Big Robot will give you the opportunity to delve into the story, Cassandra Khaw will be writing a prologue novella, and assist the team with fleshing out the background lore which will come with the game.

If the sounds of robot combat (with the AI instigating random battles amongst factions) and exploration isn’t enough, maybe the art style has caught your eye. That is thanks to the work of ex-Rockstar artist Ian McQue whose designs are being worked into the game by ex-Aardman Animation technical wizard, Olly Skillman-Wilson. Check out a couple of the screenshots which have caught my eye, below:

Tolva outisde

Tolva robot

If there’s one thing writing this has taught me, it’s that ö is achieved with Alt+0246. If you want to know more about Tölva, I recommend reading Big Robot’s wonderful info dump about the game here.

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