Bioshock 2 – New Details Emerge

Bioshock 2 – New Details Emerge

Bioshock 2

New details of 2K Marin’s Bioshock 2 have emerged in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK. Tom Francis visited the team developing the sequel to Ken Levine’s original game and emerged with a diving suit full of information. Hit the jump to get the low-down on the game.

Perhaps the biggest piece of new details concerns who you play in the game, Jordan Thomas, the Creative Director of Bioshock 2 reveals that you will be taking the role of the original Big Daddy prototype. As the first ever Big Daddy you are more powerful than those you encountered in the original game. You won’t be limited to just one weapon in your hulking suit, you can use any of the tools of pain you see a Big Daddy carrying. In addition to this your suit allows you to use Plasmids. There are reasons for why all following Big Daddies were crippled and brainwashed, however Jordan refused to reveal these reasons to Tom.

The Little Sisters which dominated much of the original game make a return, though this time how you interact with them has changed somewhat. As you are a Big Daddy you are able to adopt a Little Sister which entails carrying the child on your shoulder and working as a team. Fear not though, you are still able to kill a Little Sister and take the seaslug all for yourself.

Splicers are still present in a Rapture ten-years older than when you last visited, as such many of them are now more disfigured through abuse of Adam and plasmid use. Plasmids have undergone some changes, as you invest in a plasmid type their function will change and you will be able to combine them with others. One such example is the Cyclone Trap which can be combined with Incinerate to create a Fire Trap. With your Big Daddy suit you will be able to wield both normal weapons and plasmids at the same time when battling Splicers and other Big Daddies.

The Big Sister we have heard about is a Little Sister who has grown up and outfitted herself in a makeshift suit to enter Rapture in order to put a stop to you. She is hell bent on returning Rapture to how she remembered it, to do this she has kidnapped human children and brought them to the depths of the ocean to live as Little Sisters. It is promised that you will be able to fight the Big Sister more than once, interestingly enough the Vita-Chambers from the original game work for you, the first Big Daddy. With numerous battles promised with the Big Sister, you have to wonder what happened to the Little Sister your Big Daddy had to protect.

Finally, as a Big Daddy you will be able to walk on the ocean floor, the team plans these moments as your chance to delve into the story of Bioshock 2 with some emotional scenes occuring in this environment. Dr Tenenbaum is also making a return to the game.

While my subscriber copy of PC Gamer UK arrived today you will be able to find Issue 200 on sale in shops this Thursday.

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