Black Mesa Sure Has Filled Out…

Black Mesa Sure Has Filled Out…

It's all gone Pete Tong!

Half Life turned 10 a week or so ago, and it’s only fitting that the boys behind Black Mesa would release something (unfortunately not the bloody game) to commemorate the occasion. Just to give a bit of background; Black Mesa is a complete reimagining of the orignal Half Life, with entirely new textures, models and sounds. They’re basically rebuilding the game in the new Source engine, and understandably that’s taking quite a long time. I recently played through the original thanks to the Anniversary Deal on Steam, and I have to say I’m very, very eagerly awaiting this. Even 10 years on, it’s bloody good fun.

Hit the jump for their new media.

So they’ve released a trailer for the reworking, and frankly, it’s a bit astonishing. Particularly the scene with the tentacle monster… they’ve taken the original scene and expanded it to be really something quite special. I’m not really sure what else there is to say. Just enjoy:

4 thoughts on “Black Mesa Sure Has Filled Out…

  1. I wonder how I missed that trailer.

    Anyway, there’s *no way* these guys aren’t going to be picked up by Valve if they really finish this. Ooh, and a release “date”. A one-year time frame is at least a start.

  2. I’m just blown away with how *professional* everything is. Hell, it’s looking more professional than many retail games. BMS is a very special game in the modding world. There’s not many great singleplayer mods coming out these days, and certainly not with such great voice work, texturing and polish. It’s going to be fantastic.

  3. Wow! That looks absolutely stunning, and is hopefully an indication of the quality of the rest of the mod. I just hope it doesn’t get stuck in development Hell like so many large mods.

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