Blitzkrieg 3 – Returning to War

Blitzkrieg 3 – Returning to War

Back in September, Nival, the guys who worked on Heroes of Might and Magiv V announced they were returning to their roots with the much loved strategy series Blitzkrieg. Sadly, I missed this announcement until this past weekend when a friendly British PR agency took over media duties and handily informed me of Nival’s return to war.

The new game mixes singleplayer and asynchronous multiplayer elements. In an interview on GamerWatch, Nival CEO Sergey Orlovskiy expanded on how the singleplayer and multiplayer mix will work:

the focus on multiplayer allowed us to create those shorter ‘asynchronous’ sessions, and I think this will be very appealing for the modern audience. Most online sessions in RTS games require about 30-40 minutes to play, in our case we figured out how to do it in 5-10 minutes. I think it’s a very new and satisfying approach. The singleplayer missions will take much longer, around 40 minutes or so, but for multiplayer it’s very fast-paced, very intense.

It sounds promising with the chance to mix solo and online play across Soviet, German and American campaigns a treat. I’m not normally one for playing RTS title in the competitive online arena, but the promise of asynchronous, fast paced action might just persuade me to take part.

Taking a look at the developer blog videos that have been released so far, I have to say that the level of detail is quite impressive. The military hardware (further detailed on the official site) looks fearsome and I can’t wait to see how the mix of civilians in the base camps and the base building work.

Company of Heroes has been fun, but Blitzkrieg 3 might offer something different. Roll on 2015.

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