Board games? Let’s do this!

Board games? Let’s do this!

Board games, let’s talk about them here, why not?

Yes, I know The Reticule has traditionally been a video game focused site, but after some recent board game sessions, Chris has asked me to lend some words about this thriving entertainment sector.

Why board games though, when everyone knows that Chris and the gang are dedicated PC and consoler gamers?

The answer is simple, I’m one of those unfortunates who suffer from awful motion sickness when playing most video games, and don’t even get me started on VR, a sick-bag is required for those.

Now and again, I might play something like NHL with Chris (and woop his ass, of course) or Crash Bandicoot, but my heart lies with board games. Anything from a light-hearted game of Cranium to something more serious like Catan.

What you can expect from me is the occasional post about a board game that I’ve been playing recently. They won’t be the classic Verdict’s of Reticule fame, but I hope they’ll give you an insight into this wonderful world of gaming.

My first piece will be about Catan, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

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