Bohemia Interactive Unveil Take On Mars

Bohemia Interactive Unveil Take On Mars

Today Bohemia Interactive, creators of the ArmA series of military simulations, announced their next installment in the Take On series of simulators. Following their 1985 pop sensation and their helicopter sim in 2011, I’ve been eager to see where the series would be going next. Where do you go after helicopters, I ask?

Apparently, the answer is Mars.

The trailer unveiled at E3 promises scientific experimentation, shooting (non-death) lasers at rocks and apparently slamming into the surface of Mars at completely unsafe velocities. There’s a great deal of very technical looking equipment on show here, but not much sign yet of manned exploration, so I’m thinking Bohemia may be keeping some things under their hat.

I’m no stranger to the red planet. Having flown its skies before in X-Plane, I found the thin atmosphere and lower gravity tricky to negotiate. I don’t know whether Bohemia will be modelling the Martian atmosphere to such a degree, but going on their past history of intricate simulations, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

More importantly, following their usual trend, Bohemia have already announced their new game will be completely mod-friendly, so expect the usual response from the community ranging from quirky and improbable space robots to detailed simulations of existing NASA equipment.

Sadly, they have yet to reveal the likelihood of our scientific explorations discovering intelligent life, but I’m guessing it’ll be around a million to one.

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