Boxhead: The Zombie Wars – The Verdict

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars – The Verdict

Another day, another Zombie iPhone game. Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is a port of a popular zombie shooter flash game that has been optimised for iPhone. Unfortunately, in its transition it has retained all the qualities of an average flash game – repetitive, forgettable, unwinnable and eventually kind of boring. Sure, developer MEDL is trying to blend the bizarre charm of their boxlike character models with the (apparently) endless appeal of the shuffling undead, but the market is saturated with this kind of thing.  We know they’re trying to be different, but underneath all that apparent ‘quirkiness’ there really isn’t much beyond your basic high-score shooter.

Not only is the gameplay repetitive but the levels might as well all be the same, a different look is simply wallpapered on to give the illusion of variety, and while there is a decent range of weaponry at your disposal to try an keep things interesting, the dismal controls mean that using them effectively is nigh on impossible.

Boxhead could pass as a time sink for someone who is looking to satisfy their score performance addiction, though seeing as there is a wealth of superior content out there on the iTunes Store, there really isn’t anyway to justify shelling out for the app. In all honesty, the flash game is far superior to the portable edition in both look and feel, and is also free to play, so if you’re looking for a more entertaining zombie experience, stick to the browser friendly original.

Verdict: Crotch Shot

Platforms Available: iOS, Android, Flash (Out Now)

Platform Reviewed: iOS

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