Bridge Constructor- Hitting that Valve again

Bridge Constructor- Hitting that Valve again

Well, well, wel. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of the Valve universe, this little nugget pops up. Valve, in conjunction with Headup games are releasing a new game in the world of Portal on PC, MacOS, linux and mobile devices.

Alas, it’s not a new Portal game as we know it- instead it is a bridge-building game, but with added portal madness; the thought of which has me just a little bit excited. I’m a huge fan of bridge building games such as PolyBridge on mobile, so adding a portal dimension to this could be incredible fun.

See the screens below using your excited face:

Looks fun does it not! I think this’ll probably work very well on mobile, and I can see myself potentially putting a lot of time into this if it delivers on what it promises.

Even more exciting is the fact that Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS herself is returning to her role in this title. Even EVEN more exciting (excitingx10_3) is the fact that I can see the companion cube in at least one of those screens….

I’d expect fiendish puzzles, dark humour and to fail, a lot.

Can hardly wait. More info as and when we get it!

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