Brink Gets SMART With New Video

Brink Gets SMART With New Video

Brink isn’t that far away, May 13th here in the UK. Unfortunately for me I am going to be enjoying the sunshine on holiday on that day so I won’t be able to experience all the action myself from the off.

It makes me a bit sad I must admit, especially when I saw the new video for the game which is the first part of the ‘Get SMART’ series of videos which will introduce players to the basics of the game. It shows off a lot of the multiplayer part of the game, the different classes are shown and the radial objective chooser also gets a mention. More importantly, there promises to be a nice mix of single-player, co-op and full blown multiplayer with your single-player character seamlessly transferring over to the online elements. It is looking good, no doubt.

One thought on “Brink Gets SMART With New Video

  1. Brink is looking absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the UK launch date too, because it’s smack-bang in the middle of my exams. I’ll be picking it up at the end of the month though, that’s for sure.

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