Bubbly Bashfullness: Blush Blursts To Release

Bubbly Bashfullness: Blush Blursts To Release

Pink and soft. Like... no, I won't go there.

Excuse the alliteration. It got out of hand. But it is definitely deserving of the new game by Flashbang Studios that went live a few moments ago. Blush sees you playing a semi-transparent jellyfish/squid thing that kills other jellyfish/squid things to steal their eggs and grow its tentacles ever longer. Yes, it sounds very strange, but if you think about it like the Cell stage of Spore, only much, much more fun and nice to look at, you’re halfway there.

The aesthetics of the game are certainly the first thing that jumps out at you (there are issues with Vista/8000 series nVidia graphics cards. Hit Q to lower the quality and fix the glitch), but the mechanics of the game and how it all works are certainly entertaining. You have no control over the tentacles, rather controlling where the ‘head’ (do jellyfish have heads? Is that what the big plasticy pulsating bit is?) goes and the tentacles merely follow. It leaves you the opportunity to sort of tailspin, swinging your floppy weapons forward in something reminiscent of those robot things in the Matrix. Only where they looked like squid, these are actually squid. I’m really mixing up my similes here.

Basically, the game’s loads of fun, and the only annoyance is that there’s a timer on it. I’m sure this is all for leaderboard purposes, but the semi-ambient nature of the game certainly leans it more towards a nice, long, absorbing play through rather than a limited 4 minutes. You can find out for yourself, however, right here. Go, have fun.

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