Bundle In A Box Goes Adventure Game Crazy

Bundle In A Box Goes Adventure Game Crazy

We don’t normally talk about the various indie bundles that do the rounds, but when there is one with titles like Ben There, Dan That!, Time Gentlemen, Please! and Gemini Rue on offer, I couldn’t resist. Those three, along with 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery and The Sea Will Claim Everything are part of the Bundle In A Box Adventure Bundle.

As with all of these deals, it is pay what you want with money going to charity and directly to the indie devs. It really is quite a good one, with a bunch of soundtracks on offer, and two other indie titles available if you pay over the average paid for the bundle.

You get direct downloads of all the games on offer, and those that support Desura and Steam will also supply you with codes for those services. With this bundle being themed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more themed offers from Bundle in a Box, perhaps indie racing games next?

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