Call of Duty Live Action Trailer Reminds Me Of….Half-Life 2?

Call of Duty Live Action Trailer Reminds Me Of….Half-Life 2?

The all new Call of Duty sub-series, Advanced Warfare lands next Tuesday (or Monday if you have a super-special Day Zero edition), and as is the way with the modern gaming world, we’ve already had the launch trailer. All that is left is the wonders of the live action video. Hit the break to see Taylor Kitsch and Emily Ratajkowski (who and who?) fight through Lagos in 2059 with some scenes that remind me of Half-Life 2.

Bear with me with the Half-Life 2 comparison..once you get past the scene where Emily turns into a goat, a swarm of robots descend on Taylor. Manhacks, that’s all I’m saying….with a little hint of the movement of the Hydra.

Elsewhere, the shape and design of the truck on the bridge, and the armoured truck in the courtyard remind me of the style of Combine vehicles. I’m not sure where the hover-bike quite fits in with Valve’s legendary shooter, but I’m sure I could make some more tenuous links with other elements of the video.

All round though, it looks a good laugh, and I am actually quite looking forward to what Advanced Warfare brings.

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